Mejiliones Peninsula seismic monitoring:
2013-06-02 to 2015-10-31
MEJIPE is an experiment developed in frame of the FONDAP excellence project "The Research Center for Integrated Natural Disaster Management" (Conicyt, Chile). The focus of this initiative will be to study the stress transference from the interplate contact to the upper plate, in the subduction zone of the seismic gap in Northern Chile, as well as to try to understand the relationship between stress and strain produced there. Thus, MEJIPE project will produce detailed information related to seismicity, stress, b-value and slip distribution, focal mechanisms and crustal structures located in Mejillones Peninsula and Atacama Fault System, in order to reach our main objective.

Related People

Person Institute
Pablo Salazar (PI) Universidad Catolica del Norte
Jörn Kummerow (Coapplicant) Freie Universität Berlin
Wasja Bloch (Coapplicant) Freie Universität Berlin
Serge Shapiro (Coapplicant) Freie Universität Berlin
Peter Wigger (Coapplicant) Freie Universität Berlin

Used Equipment

Device Amount
EDL 17


[23.25° S, 70.25° W]

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MEJIPE (MJ), Northern Chile geofon