Code R3-3137
InventarNo 3314947
SerialNo 6938
Status defect
Program gipp
Owner GFZ.sec22
Deliverydate 2019-12-05
Comment The EDR forgot (partly) it's firmware. When trying to save firmware variables using the 'setenv' command they are gone after a reboot. Sometimes, the 'setenv' command has no effect at all. (Using the 'printenv' command to see if the changes were accepted.) Because the firmware variables are incomplete, the EDR will not startup and is stuck in U-Boot.
Country of Origin UK
Manufacturer Earth Data
Dualuse no  
Customs tariff 90158020
Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)
Hazmat none
diskSize 8GB
firmware 3.38
lastChecked 2022-11-30 CL
InputUnit V
OutputUnit count
Function data logger
CustomsPrice 950
Weight 1.8
name last change type size
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aufbau_EDR_panele.pdf  2021-05-31 10:25:38  application/pdf  1379840