2011-02-15 to 2012-02-29
CO2CARE Project In cooperation with the CO2SINK and CO2ReMoVe projects passive seismological stations were installed by BRGM and the University of Leipzig to record the seismic noise in the surroundings of the injections site. Stations were operated in 2008 until 2010. The noise data was analyzed with passive image interferometry to detect changes in the subsurface velocities. Encouraged by these results the University of Leipzig and BRGM decided to re-install the 2008 network during 2011 to bridge a longer time span and a make use of the larger quantity of CO2 injected.

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Christoph Sens-Schoenfelder (PI) Universitaet Leipzig

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EDL 10

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[52.4° N, 12.5° E]

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