Site characterization of the PIER-ICDP drill locations to understand the relation between earthquake swarms, mofette fields and crustal fluid pathways by imaging the electrical conductivity structure:
2015-09-17 to 2015-10-01
We propose a passive MT experiment centred on the location where earthquake swarms occur and mofette fields are observed. The major objectives are (i) imaging the regional electrical conductivity on crustal scale, including tectonic features such as fault zones, (ii) providing a site characterization for drilling locations, (iii) studying the behavior of rocks and fluids from the surface down to the source region of earthquake swarms, (iv) imaging fluid pathways, their hydraulic properties and their interconnection, in particular in relation to mofette fields (v) investigate existence and characteristics of possible lower crustal magmatic sources.

Related People

Person Institute
Ute Weckmann (Coapplicant) GFZ Potsdam
Gerard Munoz (PI) GFZ Potsdam

Used Equipment

Device Amount
Ag/AgCl-Elektroden 125


[50.125° N, 12.49° E]

Related Data

There is data available from this project, but this data has no DOI yet. If you are interested, please contact us.