SeIsmicity and neOtectonics of the LAptev sea region:
2016-04-01 to 2018-12-31
Aim of the study is to investigate the local seismicity and structure of the Laptev Sea Rift with a seismol. network and array measurements. Laptev region is one of the few places where mid-ocean spreading centre continue into continental rift zone.

Related People

Person Institute
Wolfram Geissler (PI) Alfred Wegner Institut, Bremerhaven
Frank Krueger (Coapplicant) Universitaet Potsdam
Christian Haberland (Coapplicant) GFZ Potsdam

Used Equipment

Device Amount
Cube3 20
Cube3 extern 5
Mark L4C 25


[71° N, 128° E]

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