Probing Alpine geodynamics in 3D with state-of-the-art seismic arrays and tomography:
2017-02-07 to 2017-04-15
French component of AlpArray European collaborative project. Re-evaluation of the deep structures and processes that occur beneath the Alps. Homogeneous seismological land-sea coverage of the greater Alpine area. 82 temporary broadband stations in eastern France.

Related People

Person Institute
Anne Paul (PI) ISTerre Grenoble
Jean-Xavier Dessa (Coapplicant) University of Nice Sophia Antipolis
Cecile Doubre (Coapplicant) University of Strasbourg
Alessia Maggi (Coapplicant) University of Strasbourg

Used Equipment

Device Amount
Guralp CMG-3ESP Compact, 60 sec 5


[46° N, 5° E]