Hochvogel rockslide monitoring:
2016-12-08 to 2017-05-25
Seismic monitoring of a large (10^5 m3) emergent rockslide at the Hochvogel to deliver benchmark data of the most prominent mass wasting process in alpine landscapes regarding precursor signals and event timing, location, evolution and kinematics.

Related People

Person Institute
Michael Dietze (PI) GFZ Potsdam
Niels Hovius (Coapplicant) GFZ Potsdam
Jens Turowski (Coapplicant) GFZ Potsdam
Michael Krautblatter (Coapplicant) TU Muenchen

Used Equipment

Device Amount
Cube3 4
Trillium Compact 4


[47.38° N, 10.44° E]

Related Data

There is data available from this project, but this data has no DOI yet. If you are interested, please contact us.