Crustal seismic imaging in the Fennoscandian Shield:
2017-05-24 to 2017-07-15
The project aims to acquire combined, partly collocated near-vertical upper crustal high-resolution and mid- to lower crustal wide-angle reflection and refraction seismic data across the northern boundary of the Bergslagen province for which several tectonic models have been proposed.

Related People

Person Institute
Stefan Buske (PI) TU Freiberg
Alireza Malehmir (Coapplicant) Uppsala University
Christopher Juhlin (Coapplicant) Uppsala University
Michal Malinowski (Coapplicant) Polish Academy of Sciences
Hans Thybo (Coapplicant) University of Copenhagen

Used Equipment

Device Amount
Cube3 100
3-D Geophone 100


[62° N, 15° E]