Ice based part of Greenland ice sheet/ocean interaction and Frame Strait fluxes :
2018-04-20 to 2018-09-15
Mapping seafloor bathymetry on the ice shelf of 79th glacier, NE Greenland, using seismic point measurements to model the ice-ocean interaction. This summer 63 sites (GPS and pRES radar) on the shelf are visited giving ice melt and deformation. The seismic measurements will be of great additional value.

Related People

Person Institute
Coen Hofstede (PI) Alfred Wegner Institut, Bremerhaven
Angelika Humbert (Coapplicant) Alfred Wegner Institut, Bremerhaven

Used Equipment

Device Amount
Datacube 6
Geophone 6


[79.4° N, 22.5° W]