SEismic imaging of the Ivrea ZonE :
2020-10-15 to 2020-10-30
The Ivrea-Verbano Zone (IVZ) in the Italian Alps is one of the most complete and studied, time-integrated archetype of continental crust–upper mantle section on Earth. Moreover, it provides the best natural laboratory to significantly advance our understanding of the continental lower crust and crust mantle transition zone by a combination of geoscientific approaches and scientific drilling.

Related People

Person Institute
Michael Weber (PI) GFZ Potsdam
Klaus Bauer (PI) GFZ Potsdam
Christian Haberland (PI) GFZ Potsdam
Trond Ryberg (PI) GFZ Potsdam
Charlotte Krawczyk (PI) GFZ Potsdam
Gyoergy Heteny (Coapplicant) Universitaet Lausanne
Othmar Muentener (Coapplicant) Universitaet Lausanne
M. Pistone (Coapplicant) Universitaet Lausanne

Used Equipment

Device Amount
Datacube 210
Cube3 intern 240
1C Geophone (4.5 Hz) 330
3-D Geophone 120


[45.819° N, 8.1388° E]