Integrated Novel TEchnologies for Geophysical Research and geohazards Observatories:
2021-09-01 to 2022-08-31
The main objective of the proposed experiment is to obtain an integrated multi-parametric data set to be exploited using, developing, and testing new signal processing and data-mining techniques to detect temporal changes.

Related People

Person Institute
Angelo Strollo (PI) GFZ Potsdam
Matteo Picozzi (Coapplicant) University of Naples Federico II
Dino Bindi (Coapplicant) GFZ Potsdam
Fabrice Cotton (Coapplicant) GFZ Potsdam
Angelo Strollo (PI) GFZ Potsdam

Used Equipment

Device Amount
Cube3 extern 20
Cube3 intern 180
Mark L4C 20
Trillium Compact 20
3-D Geophone 160


[40.71° N, 15.27° E]

Related Publications and Data

Code Type
The Irpinia seismic Array. dataset