Site characterisation at the proposed Einstein Telescope (ET) location on Sardinia, Italy:
2021-06-21 to 2021-07-20
INGV is carrying out two perpendicular seismic reflection/refraction lines in North-East Sardinia. Each line will be roughly 1km and centred around a 300m deep borehole in which we have installed an optic fibre cable. A mini-vibroseis source will be used with a planned shot spacing of 20m. We are planning to install a 2D array centred around the borehole, with a station spacing of 10m, to investigate the 3D structure around the borehole for which logging already exists. The experiment will last for roughly 3 days and we would like to record noise for another 4 days for analysing the source distribution of the ambient noise at the location.

Related People

Person Institute
Andreas Rietbrock (PI) Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Used Equipment

Device Amount
Datacube 204
1C Geophone (4.5 Hz) 204


[40.57737° N, 9.46584° E]