Seismic investigations in Namibia:
2021-11-12 to 2022-07-15
This time we will investigate three sites in Namibia: Tsondab Vley, Aurus Clay Pan and Roter Kamm crater. The seismic survey, for which we are requesting the instruments, will consist of a couple of crossing 2D high-resolution seismic lines per site. The accelerated weight-drop will be used as a seismic source and the resulting seismic data will be analyzed in terms of reflections and refractions to provide a good basis for the envisaged drilling

Related People

Person Institute
Martin Melles (PI) Universitaet zu Koeln
Stefan Buske (Coapplicant) TU Freiberg

Used Equipment

Device Amount
Geode 10
1C-Geophone (10Hz/Mueller-Clip) 240
Beschleunigtes Fallgewicht PEG-40 1


[23.935° S, 15.36° E]