2022-05-02 to 2022-11-30
High-density Broadband Stations in SJ and some stations in Pi and Fa to: - Track the evolution of the seismicity (epicentral parameters and CMTs - Analyze of the broad-band signals (Volcanic/Tectonic). - Characterize the magmatic process. - Collect a seismologic waveform database for future studies

Related People

Person Institute
José Fernando Borges (PI) University of Évora
Mourad Bezzeghoud (Coapplicant) University of Évora
Bento Caldeira (Coapplicant) University of Évora
Rui Oliveira (Coapplicant) University of Évora

Used Equipment

Device Amount
EDR 15
Cube3 extern 15
Trillium Compact 30


[38.6° N, 28° W]