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EarthShape Chile PilotSeis:
2018-11-15 to 2019-01-31
This multiseismic project will serve as a pilot survey for the seismic component in the interdisciplinary DeepEarthShape package, which funding has been applied for at the DFG in the framework of SPP 1803 in Chile.

Related People

Person Institute
Manfred Stiller (PI) GFZ Potsdam
Charlotte Krawczyk (Coapplicant) GFZ Potsdam
Ute Weckmann (Coapplicant) GFZ Potsdam
Friedhelm von Blanckenburg (Coapplicant) GFZ Potsdam

Used Equipment

Device Amount
Geode 11
Cube3 6
3-D Geophone 6
Beschleunigtes Fallgewicht PEG-40 1


[37.7° S, 73° W]